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Introducing the OKYU T-shirt Beige Limited Edition from Moxafrica!

The front features the Japanese word for moxibustion, KYU, which translates to eternal fire.

On the back, the words "OKYU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD" are printed boldly.

This limited edition T-shirt comes in beige and only 6 pieces are available in one size (Medium size).


By purchasing this T-shirt,g this T-shirt, you are supporting one month of 3-Moxa champions in South Africa, providing life-saving treatment to those in need. Moxafrica successfully trained 3-moxa persons, whom we call Moxa champions.

You can directly donate to Moxafrica by visiting the website, 

Moxafrica is a non-profit organization with the mission of bringing the healing power of moxibustion to communities. Get yours now and be a part of a meaningful cause!

For more information about Moxafrica, please visit MOXAFRICA.ORG 

Support Moxa Champions. OKYU T-shirt BEIGE LIMITED EDITION

Price Options
Support 1 year
£211.00every month for 12 months
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