Online Classes

Until we are able to move around the world freely again, we would like to offer some online seminars here with some videos or with Zoom.   

August 21st, 2021 Zoom class ( Japanese language only) 

Mukaino Method

Foundation class 1 & 2


Okyu basic technique & advanced study

Mukaino Method

The Mukaino Method is a simple diagnostic and treatment protocol that provides the practitioner with a comprehensive overview of the patient’s body, quickly illuminating areas of pain, imbalance, and restriction by assessing the quality of movement.


Active acupuncture points are tested for by repeating impaired movements while gently stimulating points along the affected meridians of the patient.

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Mukaino Method Foundation class 1 & 2
Individual classes or group classes can be requested over zoom.
Please email for inquiry.
1 on 1 class: £450, (6 hours total)
Group class: min 3 attendee, up to 6. £300 per person, (8 hours total)


Okyu basic technique class (Koshiishi style) & Okyu-do advanced study

Koshiishi style moxibustion is a style of Japanese direct moxibustion style developed by Koshiishi sensei.  A revolutionary method that overthrows the negative image of Moxibustion. It is famous for its calming effect, primordial, and transformative clinical efficacy. 

Okyu advanced study seminar is developed by Dr. Yuki with her many years of clinical experience as well as her knowledge of Oriental medicine and Biomedicine. 

Okyu-do advanced class on zoom

001 - Psoriasis


“Psoriasis is one of the most common skin problems I see in my clinical practice. I used to use Herbal medicine to try to clear the symptoms. I am giving you another great way to treat Psoriasis in your clinic. You can learn the technique in 2 hours.”



February 20, 2021

2 hours zoom class

Time: 8 pm (UK), 9 pm (EU), 1 pm (LA), 7 am (Sydney, Feb 21)

Price: 90 pound


Credit card: Pease send an email for a payment link.

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