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Our Story

We believe that Okyu(moxibustion, AKA Moxa) creates a peaceful harmony among people.  Maybe because it’s an act of giving and receiving or maybe because of the smell of mugworts burning. We believe this harmony creates a kind-hearted community whether it's between practitioner,patient, family, and friends. It might be small to begin with but it will grow like a cone of Moxa burns slowly and firmly, spreading the smell of peace to the world. 


What is okyu?

Okyu is a technique of Japanese direct moxibustion (‘moxa’) consists of smoldering rice-grain sized cones of moxa (which is refined Artemisia Princeps) on specific locations on the skin. This therapy has been used for centuries in conjunction with acupuncture in East Asian Medicine, as well as in a stand-alone treatment. Stand-alone moxibustion techniques have been particularly refined and developed in Japan
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Okyu-d0 Founder

Dr. Yuki-S. Itaya

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Dr. Yuki is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM. L.Ac.,). She graduated from Emperor’s College, Santa Monica, and earned her master degree in Oriental Medicine. She earned her Doctoral degree from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

She is a trustee of  MOXAFRICA, a British charity that is researching Japanese style direct moxibustion as an adjunctive treatment for tuberculosis in developing nations. This work includes a 180 patient phase II RCT at Makerere University, Uganda.

For more information about Moxafrica please click here.

Also available in Japanese.

Yuki is also a certified senior teacher of the Mukaino Method outside of Japan since 2008, a movement-based diagnostic and treatment protocol developed by Prof. Mukaino Yoshito MD of Fukuoka University, Japan. (


Yuki is the only certified to teach Koshiishi Style Moxibustion outside of Japan.

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