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Learn how to self Okyu to maintain your health.

It can help to boost the immune system. 

Online Seminars

The online seminar is happening already. 

Interested? Please email! 

Mukaino Method online course is in November.

Mukaino Method

Foundation class 1 & 2


Okyu basic technique & advanced study

Naru  Okyu-do collection

Naru Logo.jpg

Okyu insence KYUTO

Designed for Moxibustionists by Dr. Yuki-S. Itaya, DAOM., L.Ac.


Premium quality Moxa

From one of the few authentic moxa factly in Japan


New Clinic in Devon

YELLOW DOOR clinic website. 

Our clinic is in Ashburton, Devon.

What we are good at?

Fertility treatment

Dr. Yuki is specialized in fertility treatment.

Her treatment includes Moxibustion, Acupuncture, herbal medicine and lifestyle counseling.

Women's health

Moxibustion is gentle yet very effective to women's sensitive body: mensturation disorder, menopause, anxiety any digestion disorder, etc.

Creating moxa community

We are trustees of Moxafrica which is British charity dedicated to investigate direct Moxibustion immunomodulation as an adjunctive treatment for Tuberculosis. 

Teaching classes

We are delighted to teach Mukaino Method foundation and intermediate classes as well as Koshiishi-kyu technique and okyu-do seminars.

Some of these classes are now available online.  

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