The Mukaino Method is a simple diagnostic and treatment protocol that provides the practitioner with a comprehensive overview of the patient’s body, quickly illuminating areas of pain, imbalance, and restriction by assessing the quality of movement.


Active acupuncture points are tested for by repeating impaired movements while gently stimulating points along the affected meridians of the patient.

Yuki is a certified teacher by Dr. Mukaino, and she is training few more instructors currently.


For seminar inquiry, please visit to

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Koshiishi style moxibustion is a style of Japanese direct moxibustion style developed by Koshiishi sensei.  A revolutionary method that overthrows the negative image of Moxibustion. It is famous for its calming effect, primordial and transformative clinical efficacy. At Koshiishi sensei’s clinic in Tokyo, her students are trained to estimate and control the temperature of their moxa cones. 


Yuki teaches Koshiishi style moxibustion course for two days. For more inquiry, please contact Yuki.

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I have been following Dr. Mukaino over 15 years and Koshiishi sensei for five years.  I am Japanese and I grew up in Japan, and it was very natural thing for me to follow Japanese style treatment.  Now I have lived in overseas more than 20 years, my mission is to share and spread these wonderful gifts from Japan to foreign practitioners.   

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