About me...


My name is Yuki. I started treating horses with moxibustion quite young, around age six, started giving horses and dogs moxibustion therapy, which I specialize now with people.

Lived in few different countries before I moved out from Japan in early teen. (Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, USA and in England now).


I LOVE treating and helping women, from hormone issues, fertility, menopause and all range of pains. 

I hold a doctoral degree in women's health and geriatrics.


I am also a director of Mukaino Method  USA and global, developed by Dr.Yoshito Mukaino. I am the only certified senior instructor outside of Japan. I use this method to not needle my patients and also teach patients how to take care of themselves. This method is taught in global health in NUNM where I teach Naturopath doctors about global health.


I am a trustee for UK charity organization, MOXAFRICA . We investigate how Moxa can help global health setting. please visit moxafrica.org






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